Gospel Lightfaith

Free Paladin // Daughter of Ul'dah // Maelstrom Loyalist
The Seventh Chantry

Plot Hooks

Looking for a bit of roleplay? These plot hooks are open-use and can be utilized at any time to facilitate contact and interaction with Gospel wherever she is.

(Even if not flagged for RP, we can generally be coaxed into RP with ease.)

Character Background

Merchant's Daughter. Free Paladin. Defender of the Smallfolk. Lily Knight. A singular, silver-haired woman known by many names, a veritable spirit of generosity and benevolence.

circle of influence

Charismatic and congenial, there are precious few, however, that this paladin counts among her truest friends.

Out of Character

About the Player and her preferences. Necessary reading if you have any hope of long-term roleplay.

Silver Linings

Music inspirations. Art. Screenshots.

Plot Hooks

Ul'dahninan Roots

Natives of Ul'dah are welcome to know Gospel, either by name or simply by reputation. She is a known free paladin adventurer that offers her services as a caravan guard, a defender of the smallfolk, and occasionally as a physician for the less fortunate.

The Lightfaith family name is commonly attached to a small arms and armor merchant whose emblem is a radiant sun. (See the top of this page.)

Merchant's Daughter

Buyers and purveyors of arms and armor are also welcome to know Gospel through her merchant family. Until she came of age, the silver-haired, well-mannered young woman travelled with them frequently as they travelled Eorzea to peddle their wares.

Maelstrom Captain

Members of the Maelstrom, both current and former, are welcome to know Gospel from her time in service. A long-standing member of the crew of "The Silverwing" she worked her way through the ranks to become Captain Esmerelda Harlock's First Mate. She was in line to succeed her Captain and take over the captaincy of "The Silverwing" but Gospel retired to return home to Ul'dah, much to the Admiral's ire (and admiration.)

"The Silverwing's" greatest claim-to-fame is the daring rescue of "The Tiderunner", a privateer blockade runner that ran afoul of the Garleans. The privateer vessel was on its last legs, turning to make a last desperate charge for the mid-ship of the Garlean battleship. However, "The Silverwing" swooped in at the last moment, a bombardment from their broadside cannons drawing the Garleans away from "The Tiderunner" so the merchant ship could make a limping escape to safe harbors.

"The Silverwing" and Captain Esmerelda, along with her First Mate and her crew, were known to be sent regularly on Missions of Mercy, carrying troops to beleagured areas, ferrying refugees to safety, and delivering relief aid to coastal villages that needed it. Gospel served as both Strategist and Tactician for the vessel, as well as a Diplomat when needed.

character background

Daughter of the Desert
Born in 1547, Gospel spent her early life travelling with her merchant parents as they made and sold various arms and armor all across Hydaelyn.

Lightfaith Armory is a small, hand-made mercantile likely serving nobles and nobility for singular, specialty-made pieces as well as among the smallfolk for common household metal goods.

At the age of eighteen, Gospel underwent tutelage as a free paladin with a former Ishgardian Knight, Thellarian Brightblade (NPC), forced into retirement by the Dragonsong War. A friend of her father, he trained Gospel thoroughly and with a steadfast worthiness as to make her strong and capable when she took her first steps into the wider world.

Knight of the Lily
During her five years of training, Gospel went with Thellarian on a number of adventures, assisting smallfolk all across Thanalan. Due to her pale complexion and silver hair, locals came to refer to her as the Lily of the Desert.

Later on, as she continued to serve alongside Thellarin in his Free Company, it morphed into a pseudo-title, Knight of the Lily, that was more jest than any serious proclamation.

Still in the midst of her training, Gospel was surprised to be taken to the Battle of Carteneau when Thellarin's Free Company was asked to join the Grand Alliance in their efforts there. Not one to back down from a challenge, she fought alongside her trainer with all the power and strength she'd been trained to. Fusing magic with steel, she and Thellarin were forces to be reckoned with in the field. Unbeknownst to them, though, they were fighting a losing battle. Or at least a stale-mated one.

Stranger in a Strange Land
After Carteneau, Gospel found herself in Limsa Lominsa, recovering in an infirmary there. Members of the Grand Alliance had saved her and other members of the Free Company she was part of -- but there was no sign of Thellarin. On her own in a foreign place, Gospel set about earning her keep to try and earn enough money to get back to Ul'dah and her family.

During one of these many misadventures for Baderon and the local Adventurer's Guild, Gospel was eventually recruited into the Maelstrom where she served for a number of years. She became very loyal to the Maelstrom and the Admiral, admiring the roegadyn's no-nonsense attitudes toward warfare.

Through the Maelstrom, she travelled the world and saw the heroics of the Warrior of Light -- albeit at great distance -- which inspired her to use her life to better those around her. When she finally left the Maelstrom to return home to Ul'dah, she carried those memories with her.

A Return to Ul'dah
Now in her late 30's, Gospel found her way back home to find that Lightfaith Arms was still going strong and that her parents were alive and well. Overjoyed to finally see their offspring again, they welcomed her back with open arms.

Restless, however, Gospel returned to the Adventurer's Guild to find more work to keep herself busy. Momodi happily provided in the form of caravan guard, and various protection and defense contracts for the local community. She also spends a lot of time with the down-trodden providing aid as a physician or giving out medicine to those in need.

Still, though, something seemed to be missing.

But what?

Out of Character

Hey there!

The Player behind this character is a 40+ year old woman. If this somehow offends or disgusts you, then by all means take your roleplay elsewhere. Ain't nobody here got time for that.

I tend to be active in the evening, on through the wee hours off and on, typically 8pm to 8am Eastern Time, but I can almost always be contacted via Discord to arrange a roleplay session. By preference, I opt to do in-game RP only as Discord threads tend to get forgotten too often for my liking (including by me.)

Mature Content is permissible only after OOC discussion. This includes, but is not limited to: excessive gore, horror, torture, sexuality, or maudlin. If, at any time, I feel uncomfortable or disinterested in a scene, I will let you know and make my exit.

Romantic Connections are only through organic roleplay and extensive time-investment. Slow burn romances are my jam. I don't conjure relationships out of thin air and I don't do "love at first sight" or one-night stands. Character development is key.

Looking For:
♦ Long-term connections. Please be willing, able and interested to be involved in my plots and stories for three months or more! When I say long-term, I mean it! If you suffer from "burnout" often or need to take extended breaks from the game, please don't look to be a long-term contact with me.
♦ Short-term connections are welcome, too! Just be clear about your expectations and how involved you look to be.
♦ Night owls and late-night players. 40+ crowd a bonus!
♦ Strong OOC Communication. I believe the best RP is between people who communicate OOC regularly.
♦ Para/Multi-Para Roleplayers. I prefer immersive experiences and writers, one-liners don't provide that.

♦ IC/OOC Blending. If you can't keep Characters and their feelings separate from the Players, I want no part of it. I am not my character, please don't take their actions/feelings as my own. If you have any doubts, then kindly ask.
♦ Disrespecting Boundaries. If I step away from a scene, do not continue to engage in that scene. Also, don't get upset OOC if I opt out. My boundaries and my comfort are vital in what is a fun pass-time.

Special Information
I have several auto-immune conditions that make my health unpredictable at times. It may mean having to reschedule RP or having to leave the middle of a scene. I will always try to communicate this up-front if I'm able, but sometimes Life hands you lemons. I do my best to be a reliable RP partner, though, and will try my best for you.

Contact Me
Discord: casualcatte#1384
Twitter: @casualcatte
In-Game: Gospel Lightfaith @ Balmung


The Seventh Chantry



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The Seventh Chantry


Justinia is the First Centurion in the ranks of the Chantry, and second-in-command to Lord-Chanter Valerian sas Camena. Along with the honor of being his right-hand, she also serves as the Protector and Guardian of his daughter, Valeria sas Camena.

Trained in the art of war from an early age and groomed to her role as Guardian, Justinia excelled at both sword and shield, mixing it with the powerful magic of the Mothercrystal. She earned her way up the ranks of the Chantry Legions and solidified her place at the Lord-Chanter's side through skill in both battle and strategy.

Justinia's family life was demanding, but her parents were still loving, caring people that wanted to see their daughter succeed.Within her household she had four other siblings; two brothers and two sisters of which she was the eldest.

At the side of the Lord-Chanter, Justinia was often at the forefront of battle as the Chantry purged the surrounding countryside of Aurora and her city-states of the voidsent taint and all dabblings of necromancy. She was a fierce, devout paladin who gave her all to her duty. At least until she met a certain young healer.

Justinia's final act was to protect the Lord-Chanter and his Magicians as they attempted a ritual to save Aurora from the growing menace of the Voidsent. Even as a Warrior of Light, she could only withstand the mounting tide of Darkness for so long before they tore her down and ripped her to shreds. The last thing she remembers was a brilliant light emanating from the Mothercrystal in Aurora, a sign she'd hoped had meant the ritual's success.